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Leading others takes many skills.  One of the most important is communication.  Judi Clements works one-on-one with executives who want to enhance their communication skills and executive presence as they move up the career ladder, take on the leadership challenge,and step into higher management roles.  Judi helps senior and middle managers assess their executive strengths and weaknesses and develop an action plan for improvement.    Working one-on-one with Judi, leaders can express their concerns and goals, while getting accurate feedback on their interpersonal communication, public speaking skills, image, executive presence, and leadership style.

 Learn how to:

  • Self assess the image you project
  • Utilize the Myers Briggs Personality Type assessment tool
  • Match your image with your career goals
  • Analyze the components of a first impression
  • Reverse nonassertive or aggressive habits that can hurt you
  • Utilize nonverbal communication to project confidence
Judi Clements

Trainer & Keynote Speaker

Laugh While You Learn!

 Judi Clements, President of Judi Clements Training & Development, in Clifton Park, NY, is a veteran training professional who offers training, coaching and keynotes in the areas of management, communication, wellness, and customer service.  In her presentations, Judi combines her educational and theatrical talents into every program she writes and delivers. Whether it's  a workshop, webinar or keynote, Judi enlivens everything she does with a rich combination of education and entertainment. 

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