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  • Mar15

    Performance Standards: Lifesaving Strategies for Employees

    Judi Clements helps managers, staff, and human resource professionals learn how to motivate employees to perform at their best by setting crystal clear performance standards. You will learn how to encourage excellence performance from even the most difficult employees by helping them set clear performance goals and standards.

  • Mar21

    Anti-Harassment Intervention for Managers & HR: New Focus on an Old Problem

    Judi Clements shares techniques for managers & HR professionals to brush up their knowledge of handling harassment issues & discipline and get new insights to prepare for what may likely be an onslaught of challenges in the workplace in light of the #MeToo movement.

  • Mar22

    Performance Appraisal: What to Keep & What to Get Rid Of

    Judi Clements helps managers move their 20th century performance appraisal programs into the 21st century with exciting and effective feedback and coaching techniques that will enhance employee performance and motivation.

  • Mar27

    Making Contact: How to Network & Turn Contacts into Business

    Networking is essential; however, networking incorrectly is just a waste of time. If you're attending networking events for the free food or just to talk to the people you already know, you're missing out on important business opportunities. Judi Clements shows you how to network for results.

  • Apr11

    Sexual Harassment Prevention & Intervention for Managers & HR: New Focus on an Old Problem

    Judi Clements leads a program helping managers with the difficult interventions they must have with employees & managers regarding harassment issues in light of the recent resurgence of sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond.. Be ready to deal with the new onslaught of complaints your organization will face.

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