Upcoming Events

  • Jun28

    Documentation & Discipline: If It Wasn’t Documented, It Didn’t Happen

    Judi Clements leads a program helping managers with the difficult task of documenting and disciplining workplace performance and substandard work at all levels. Learn how to make your workplace documentation more legally sound and learn how to work with employees in a way that helps them work toward performance improvement.

  • Aug8

    Mentoring: How to Create & Maintain Dynamic Mentoring in your Organization

    Judi Clements shows managers how to avoid the common pitfalls when starting a mentoring program, how to work most effectively with mentees, and how to create a well-implemented mentoring program in your organization.

  • Aug9

    Onboarding Employees in the 21st Century Workplace: Good Beginnings Make Good Employees

    Judi Clements gives you a program on how to organize and deliver a comprehensive orientation program. Learn how to develop, not just a program, but a process, that will have new employees immediately productive and quickly invested and enthusiastic about their new job.

  • Aug14

    Stop Workplace Bullying & Incivility

    Judi Clements shows you how to begin the process of making your organization a civility-conscious place. You will learn how to implement an anti-bullying/civil workplace culture, get senior management buy-in to affect change, and build civility literacy in your organization.

  • Aug15

    Generational Literacy for Managers, HR Professionals, and Employees

    Judi Clements gives you a fresh look at how to be a better communicator by understanding and appreciating generational differences. Judi demonstrates how and why communication so often fails. She'll show you how generational differences can accelerate into workplace disasters, how technology has revolutionized interpersonal communication, and how the generations can work together for a more productive workplace.

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