Teambuilding:Turning Groups into Teams for Optimal Productivity

Is your team suffering from poor performance?  Do your employees seem to work against each other, rather than with each other?  Are you wasting time dealing with interpersonal conflict?  In this program, Judi shows you how to turn your GROUP of employees into a high functioning TEAM.  You’ll learn how to deal with long term employees who resist teambuilding and how to bring new employees into an intact team.  You’ll learn how to improve your communication & leadership skills.  You’ll learn how to facilitate team meetings to enhance productivity and get your employees to work as a creative, cooperative ensemble.

Judi Clements

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Laugh While You Learn!

 Judi Clements, President of Judi Clements Training & Development, in Clifton Park, NY, is a veteran training professional who offers training, coaching, webinars, and keynotes in management, public speaking, communication, and customer service.  In her presentations, Judi combines her educational and theatrical talents offering unique, job-relevant training. Whatever the format, Judi enlivens everything she does with a rich combination of social learning that engages participants through hands-on activities, workplace examples, and humor. 

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