Upcoming Events

  • Oct12

    Stepping up to Supervisor

    Judi Clements reveals some of best strategies for helping new supervisors make the transition into management and supervision.

  • Oct19

    Public Speaking in the Digital Age

    Judi Clements works with managers and staff to improve their public speaking and media skills. Participants learn to speak with poise & confidence in front of audiences of all kinds.

  • Nov8

    Documentation & Discipline

    Judi Clements shares the best tips for helping employees turn around poor performance through objective documentation and positive discipline.

  • Nov14

    Handling Difficult Workplace Conversations

    Judi Clements leads a program on helping managers with the difficult conversations they often must have with employees in a variety of challenging situations.

  • Dec5

    Onboarding New Employees: Good Beginnings Make Good Employees

    Judi Clements helps managers move their 20th century orientation programs into the 21st century with exciting onboarding techniques.

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