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How can men and women have such different ideas about the same conversation?

It’s a sticky subject that some organizations don’t want to talk about, but it’s true.  Men & women communicate differently & that can cause communication challenges.  Accepting this reality & learning how to work with it is an important part of doing business.

In this program, Judi helps your employees understand that differences can be celebrated & leveraged to enhance productivity.  Using her signature style of humor & team interaction, Judi takes your employees through a series of case studies where gender differences collide.  She’ll show employees how to analyze differences in communication style & content and work around those differences.  She’ll help your employees build a better appreciation for what men & women bring to the workplace when they work cooperatively.

Available as a 1-4 hour Workshop


  • Why men & women communicate differently
  • What they communicate about
  • When they prefer to communicate
  • How their styles differ
  • How to utilize these differences

Learn How To:

  • Break down the brick walls between men & women
  •  Understand why men & women see things from different perspectives
  • Approach conflict productively
  • Appreciate gender differences in humor & non verbal communication
  • Avoid making gender-specific communication blunders    
  • Build a communication bridge between men & women

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