New Manager Training: Stepping Up to Supervisor

Are your new supervisors and managers trained for their new role? Do they have the confidence to lead others, especially if they are leading former peers? Do they know how to avoid the common supervisory traps? Or have them been promoted without the proper training? Do they feel like fish thrown into the ocean without a net? Are they likely to follow the poor examples of the worst managers they have ever known?

The last thing any organization wants to do is put poorly prepared managers and supervisors on the job. They run the risk of mismanaging employee issues, making critical productivity mistakes, and worst of all, getting themselves and the organization into legal problems. Just because an employee can do a job well, doesn't necessarily mean, they can manage well. Proper management training is essential.

If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

In this program, Judi helps your new and current managers develop the mind-set and basic communication skills to be good leaders. They’ll learn to leverage their strengths and overcome their challenges. They’ll learn how to distinguish between being “friends” vs. “friendly” with employees and gain the respect & rapport all supervisors need to get the best from their team.

Available as a 1-6 hr Workshop

Learn how to:

  • How to make a smooth transition from the front line to management
  • How to handle the challenges of supervising peers & friends
  • How to establish authority & rapport
  • The essential characteristics of effective supervisors
  • How to avoid common supervisory traps
  • The essentials of effective management communication (including remote communication via email & phone)
  • The essentials of effective delegation
  • The essentials of effective feedback & motivation
  • The essentials of effective discipline (including dealing with insubordination & attitude problems)