Unique Comedy Entertainment for Seniors


Musical Comedy

There’s nothing better to add to comedy than music. Judi has always loved singing for her audiences. She brings her love of song to many of her original shows, with nostalgic music and an occasional sing-along.

Stand-up Comedy

Judi is living proof that you are never too old to be funny. Her original stand-up comedy shows are especially suited for seniors who love to reminisce about the “good-old days” and laugh about how times have changed.

Improv Comedy

Judi’s audiences love the inventiveness and spontaneity of her improv comedy. To accommodate senior audiences, she has creative ways to easily involve them. Judi’s themed improv shows for the holidays, seasons, and more are particular crowd pleases.

Workshops & Coaching

Judi’s comedy workshops help participants learn techniques from some of the most famous comics and improvisers. Her public speaking workshops help speakers gain poise and competence. Judi customizes each workshop for her groups’ special needs, resulting in fun, team building, and laughter. She also offers one-on-one coaching for speakers and performers.